Primitive Camping

Rendezvous is a re-enactment of the annual gathering of mountain men traders and Indians that occurred in the west and took place between 1825 and 1840.

You have TWO options for camping at Mountain Man Rendezvous:

I. Modern Camp Area:
  a. Camporee style camping on the upper plateau.
b. About a 1/2 to 3/4 mile walk to and from the Rendezvous Activity Areas.
c. You will be assigned a campsite upon arrival; that is where you MUST camp.
d. NO vehicles in camping areas! Trailers can be dropped if it is safe to do so.
e. When it is lights out you MUST go to bed.
f. All Leave No Trace and BSA camping rules apply and will be enforced.

II. Period Camp Area
a. Tents, gear and clothing MUST simulate an early 1800's mountain man campsite.
b. ALL modern things must be hidden under blankets or canvas covers, or cleverly disguised.
c. Horseless carriages are permitted for a fast unload then they MUST go to the parking corral for the remainder of the Rendezvous.
d. When it is lights out you MUST go to bed. Violators may be told to move out of the area the next morning.
e. You MUST be preapproved by the Tercero. Teams MUST send camping request and pictures of your campsite to at least one week BEFORE MMR.
f. You may ONLY camp where Tercero tells you to camp. You will have to pull up stakes if you setup in the wrong place!!

Campin' in the Period Camp Area puts you near the activities which means: less walking, closer for meal breaks, better sleeping conditions and you are closer to the MMR Staff!